Humpty Dumpty gets fixed

Humpty Dumpty gets fixed

Layers of muscles

Over time wear and tear and injuries will disable the fittest person.  Understanding the mechanisms of how muscles work will describe what happens when rehab is not performed or completed.

Our body muscles work on push/ pull. Levers and pullies. If one muscle is weak or injured other muscles try and compensate, this causing more issues until the problem is resolved.

Many regular PC will just give opioids which I avoid. Naprosyn up to 400 mg every 12 hrs will work.



Pain – chronic left glute low mid back down to the heel of left foot. Disturbs Sleep. Numbness, Spasm.

Function –  Cannot rotate leg to 45 / Cannot lift knee to chest / Cannot cross leg to tie a shoe.


Checked the spine and root nerve space via Xray. No issue. Chiro Dr. Lance Loomis keeps my spine in check.

Dr. Maks Birikov is my physical therapist.


Under the care of Maks, I undertook these treatments:

Deep Sports massage – Where sore especially the origin and insertion point of muscles.

Dry Needling – fast way to improve ROM range of motion. There is soreness after.

Cupping, Myofascial –  Quad, Hamstrings and Calf / Shin.

Scraping / Graston Technique – Releases fascial tissue.

Stretching –  regular and Pancafit

The seat in my car I added foam/syn fiber to pad the area.


These combined treatments and my homework gave impressive results in 3 months.

I had a range of motion increases each visit, Pain went from chronic to maybe less than 5 mins a day, even when skiing and racing.

Seems standing a long period will cause the spasm.


These videos are exceptional in explaining how our lower body moves.
Gluteal Muscles (Anatomy)
Large Hip Muscles
Nerves of the lower limb