Physical Therapy / Chiropractic

I am not a trained medical professional, this is just a primer  to explore ways to reduce chronic or Sports pain.

The body is a complex system and when injured it may heal incorrectly or need some help in realignment or relearning.

-A good fall or auto accident or even a wrong twist or turn can cause pressure at the spinal column.

Chiropractic  manipulation can reduce the pressure on nerve roots that lead to pain and muscle spasms. Traction devices to reduce pressure.

Physical Therapy can help retrain muscles and balance using exercise training.


Tools: TENS,  Ultrasound, STEM, Heat, ICE, Epsom Salts, BioFreeze, Arnica Gel, Stretch bands

Medication: Medrol dose pack Oral steroid low dose 2 weeks to reduce nerve root inflammation. Methylprednisolone is a steroid that preventsciatica-1s the release of substances in the body that cause inflammation.


My latest visit to my Chiropractor (Dr. Lance Loomis Carney Chiropractic)  was for a constant left leg numbness, pain, spasms.

Upon x-ray examination, the issue was a grade 1 slip at S1 L5.  Over 2 months, at up to 3 times a week of manipulation heat and stem along with the Medrol dose pack had  my
leg nerve issues corrected.


The nerve was now fine but the body over 4 years learned to balance incorrectly leading to many muscle trigger points and knots in my Glute (Max, Med), Vas lat and bicep hamstring. My calves were shorter and tight.



I searched for relief of the trigger point muscle issues and found Dry Needling may be helpful. Here is my path with Physical Therapy combined with dry needling. Not acupuncture, but placing a similar needle into the trigger point know and getting a twitch response.




NIH – DN Study of Left Leg

Welcome MAX at ElitePT – He is using DN dry needling, deep massage and exercises. Soreness for a day or two but the range of motiochiro_PT_teamworkMotorNueronsn and less spasm knots after 2 treatments is impressive.

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Redskins NFL use of Dry Needle

The PT / DN Phase of treatment has been  a combination of

DN day – Dry Needle, Deep Massage, Exercises – (Stretch bands, balance, Bosu ball)

Dry needle two times a week for 2 weeks then once a week and add POOL PT. When DN is performed I do get some minor pain and can feel the twitch. For real deep knots, it tends to be more painful  and at the insertion point. Pain is managed by deep breathing. Once complete the muscles feel fine then about 4 hours later the inflammation response kicks in. A good sign and will last about 2 days. Do not take NASIDS let the inflammation run it’s course.


Max @ MAC – Photo – Elite PT




KTTape – Ready to Ski Race

POOL PT I have never experienced before and add it to your summer play time.  Pretty basic with stretch bands, medicine ball, and some floating resistance devices and a 1-hour workout can be fun. POOL is a great way to gain muscle memory for skiing.


RESULTS : Better heel-toe walk. Better angles, more range of motion. I can now press hard on my thigh with no trigger point pain. Ski racing performance increase of 6%.











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