Dryland Training Tips

Dryland training is defined as training done in the off season to correct or enhance the body mechanics, muscle memory, and over all performance.

Drills on snow work wonders, but a non pro has only so many days on snow, and so many days on the course. Dryland training can be done at home, work, and outdoors.

A few videos from SKIDOME:

FLEX – LEG – HIP “where your hips need to be.

The Edge Drill on Plastic Lattice


ROPE DRILL   This drill both off snow and on snow can make a difference

All that is needed is a half in Rope. A double Knot in the middle. and a knot on each end.

How to size the ROPE. The middle knot is placed right above the butt crack at the top. The ends will be sized by placing arms at side, bend the elbow at a 45 degree, then move hands forward 3inches. Make it a little longer and add a knot at both ends.

The drill is to get in the position by grasping the knots at ends and pushing forward. The back butt knot will push your hips forward. Do this 5 to 10 minutes a day, after a while add the poles with the rope, then a few weeks later just poles.


 These Drills come from Harb Ski Systems   Circle Tracing, Phantom foot, etc