ZARDOG’ Spring Tips

Skiing, snowboarding in the spring is fun and rewarding if you follow some basic tips.

-Use a Hi-Flo rub on like ZARDOZ Notwax or Base Boost
-Aggressive structure – Use scotch Brite pad, stone grind or riller tool.

-brushing to expose the structure.
-Ride the shade – 10 degrees cooler.

left or right side. Steeper can have more mounds of mash.

-See the sun angle. Whitetail Snowpark is a different angle than the rest of the resort.


Spring = pollen, Pollen is sticky when was the last time you cleaned the base?

Understand suction, stickiness.

If the base is totally flat (no structure)  when snow is very moist, there is no way for the water to leave the base.

Going fast lets more water build up and can cause suction.

Going slower less water builds up and can leave the base.

Flat base causes more suction then on edge.


Warmer wax or wax that melts at a low temp

A structure is the KEY, will allow water to break up and reduce or eliminate suction

The photo below is a base material (flat no buff/structure) The water droplet is flattened and hard to roll.

The next BUFFED ie structure added the water droplet is higher and rounder.

ZARDOZ is hydrophobic – the effect is the water droplet rolls easier.

In wet moist snow Spring having wax alone but no structure too much water droplets build up and cause suction.







Structure via stone grinding







example mid march time change and sunny –

at noon temps were 43 by 3 pm 53. moist soft snow.

linear course and fine press in structure



After 3 hours 20 runs.

















Midday riding the shade