My independent analysis – MY pass increased $150. My perks went down. I get more snowmaking locally and more resorts to play in. I typically go 30 visits a year. race 8 to 12 days. I am not employed by Vail, Peak or any other retail outlet. I do promote Zardoz and Finish Line USA Bike products.

Update Nov 30, 2019. knowing the booking model has to estimate a booking % based on pass holders that may show up. The amount of discount online is reflected. Some dates are sold out for discounts. The discount off of window is about 20% average. Some passes have 25% to 40% off for friends or buddy. Many people just had no idea of the buy early model and saw increases since april.


No one likes changes especially when a long-running program is canceled. Not just the local market but the whole snow industry is changing. This page is trying to explain why and how to get the best deal. Not pro or con.

  • NCC Night Club Card for 19+ GONE
  • Advantage CARD GONE
  • 4 hr and 8 hr flex gone

WHY? Changing markets and demographics. Many want multi-resort passes, large operators save money by streamlining the programs and plans offered. The sweet spot is 8-29 year old. This demographic is priced a bit cheaper and the reason is less participation. OPTIONS: PASS, Special Packages, and Online Demand. Most 8-30-year-old use cell phones to purchase.

IF YOU ARE 8-18 years old, We at SKIDOME offer the NEW NIGHT TRACKER PROGRAM.

8 Mins all you need to know

SNOOZE YOU PAY! or Planning matters. 80% or more Resorts passes are now the cheapest in APRIL (6 months before season starts) and most offer credit card payment plans. 48% of lift ticket revenue is season pass products.

SPUR of the Moment! Demand pricing will dictate a low and high and many models use weather, weekend, holiday, history to price for the day. Should be able to get a weather pattern fix for a 3-day window. Demand is not new, used in the airline and hotel industries for over 15 years. The model predicts 10% more in gross lift ticket profit.

CHEAP how to: Know your and family pattern of use. Look at all options for pricing and do the usual calculations. In General 6 and under visits look at 3X package or demand. Demand can be cheaper off-peak and 3 days ahead. If going at night more then 6 times and 8-18 NIGHT TRACKER will be the cheapest. Weekday non-peak, Holiday Weekend peak can be no higher than the Window rate.


Science vs feelings Pricing is in line no matter an independent, or large corporation. DEMAND Online is here to stay 80% plus resort now use demand. 80% use Liftopia.

SOURCES – This is where the information comes from:

PEAK Board voted to sell to EPIC/Vail Sept 2019. Close – November 2019?

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WORLDWIDE – International Report on Snow and Mountain Tourism



Generation X 1965-1980 (39- 55) the smallest, fewer people than Millennials or Baby Boomers.

Generation Y 1980 – 1996 (30- 38)

Millennials 1997-2000  (19-29)

Next-gen is called Alpha

CDC Smartphone / Screen use 8-18  – According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, kids ages 8-18 now spend, on average, a whopping 7.5 hours in front of a screen for entertainment each day, 4.5 of which are spent watching TV. Over a year, that adds up to 114 full days watching a screen for fun. That’s just the time they spend in front of a screen for entertainment. It doesn’t include the time they spend on the computer at school for educational purposes or at home for homework.

The CDC recommends kids get at least 60 minutes of physical activity each day.