DID YOU KNOW – MOST Skiers & Borders (80%) Have their gear waxed once per season. Of the 80%, half of those have their gear waxed multiple times per season. I like to wax every 3 to 5 times of use.

During  Zardoz BASE BOOST happy tent, we put our hands on over 450 skis/boards. Over 50% needed wax….

We recommend ZARDOZ BASE BOOST as a rub on quick wax and we also add it to our favorite Hot Wax. ZARDOZ will extend the temp range from 15 to 60+(f), perfect for springtime when the temps are cold in am and by noon 50+.

AVERAGE person, you do not need to buy a ton of tools, be creative. Used Iron, Scotch Brite pads, 200, and 400 grit wet sandpaper. Rags and a nylon brush. A Shop can do the hard stuff and you can just maintain.

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Fiber pad can help remove burrs on edges

Whenever working with wax or chemicals use PPE and Ventilate.

Edge – work not for a full tune but a basic rub with a scotch bright pad works well. Burrs if felt need to be removed. 200 and 400 sandpaper will work.

How to fix cuts in base, light scratches to core shots

Repair P-tex Gouge Tips Tognar

Tognar Ski & Snowboard Tuning, Repair & Waxing Tips & Tricks
Tognar is a great site for tuning reference. be sure to order their free catalog. 

CHIPS, Deep Scratches on Top Sheet

If you get a chip in the top of your skis or board it is easy to fix.

Clean area with acetone. Use oil-based paint. ( Model paint) to match the color. Let dry. Apply fiberglass resin or auto body filler to the chip or hole. Apply in 3/8 inch layers or less. Shape with sandpaper/rasp.  Let dry all done.

Ski/board top scratched? Buff with rubbing compound, clean with acetone. Spray a light coat of lacquer.


Over time your ski equipment will begin to lose the great shine it once had.  I have discovered that after cleaning the outside of plastic ski boots, a few light coats of spray gloss will give the plastic that shine back.  I have used spray gloss to add shine to the top of my skis.