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DID YOU KNOW – MOST Skiers & Boarders (80%) Have their gear waxed once per season. Of the 80%, half of those have their gear waxed multiple times per season. I like to wax every 3 to 5 times of use. During  Zardoz Notwax happy tent, we put our hands on over 450 skis/boards. Over 50% needed wax….

Clean Gear and SAFETY Check

Say no to RUST, Petroleum Jelly will protect edges long term storage!  Take a look at the gears base using this a guide Zardog’s Glide Guide




TUNING SKIS / SNOWBOARDS (It really does matter). It will make the ski / board run better with less effort. Less fatigue more fun and less chance for injury.

I recommend ZARDOZ BASE BOOST as a rub on quick wax and I also add it to my favorite Hot Wax.   For base cleaning before waxing, I recommend ZARDOZ Super Z.

Caution: Always have a professional adjust and test your bindings

Your Binding should be serviced every 15 days of skiing per the manufacturer .

Springs can wear out or fail, Recalls, etc. Once it is 10 years old it is time for new.

Bindings do wear out- If your binding is not on this list, I would recommend upgrading your binding or a new set.  


Snowboards & Skis

Video – YouTube – Alpine Ski Waxing

 Jim Schaffner tips article

EDGING  (tuning the angle of the steel edge)  

To set the edge requires skill and should be left to the shop. This skill can be taught ask the techs. A special tool is needed and can be ordered on line.

At a minimum, a suggested tool for the edge is a set of sharpening stones. Six inch stones in 120, 240, and 600 grit. They cost $5 at Harbor Freight Tools.

Feel your edge and find the nicks and rough spots. (get a tetanus shot) Use the stones to clean up the mess, add water while rubbing in a circle. Do not change an angle the goal here is to clean it up.

  ZARDOGS’ Mini Kit ski or board:

– Zardoz Notwax (Super Z, Notwax, Fluoro +)

Generic terms That is a Base cleaner, Rub on wax, and Hot wax that can be rubbed on and buffed with scotch brite pad or hot waxed.

– Set of sharpening stones. 12, 240, 600 grit

– Scotch Brite fiber buffing pads.

–Total cost: Under $35.00


How to fix cuts in base, light scratches to core shots

  • For metal edge and or core / fiberglass contact use co-polymer string (p-tex with adhesive)

  • then build up with p-tex repair string

  • finish off with p-tex ribbon

Repair P-tex Gouge Tips Tognar

ZARDOZ FLUORO+, (now Lo and Hi Fluoro blends) It’s NEW & we helped test it over 2 years.  Click for the PDF report.

Tognar Ski & Snowboard Tuning, Repair & Waxing Tips & Tricks
Tognar is a great site for tuning reference. be sure to order their free catalog.

 I have been using the ZARDOZ NotWAX Felix process for over 10 years.

 I clean the Base.  Fix P-TEX. Edge. Apply Zardoz NotWAX. Apply hot wax, Scrape, Use a scotch bright pad to buff wax, Brush tip to tail with a Bronze brush 20 times. Apply Zardoz NOTwax. I use an edge sharpener to bevel my edges for easier turning currently 1-degree base bevel and 3-degree side. see tognar for bevel values. Then off to the professionals for the binding check.


Top: Scratched ski, Bottom after buff, LACQUER 

CHIPS, Deep Scratches on Top Sheet

If you get a chip in the top of your skis or board it is easy to fix.

Clean area with acetone. Use oil-based paint. ( Model paint) to match the color. Let dry. Apply fiberglass resin or auto body filler to the chip or hole. Apply in 3/8 inch layers or less. Shape with sandpaper/rasp.  Let dry all done.

Ski/board top scratched? Buff with rubbing compound, clean with acetone. Spray a light coat of lacquer.


Over time your ski equipment will begin to lose the great shine it once had.  I have discovered that after cleaning the outside of plastic ski boots, a few light coats of LACQUER will give the plastic that shine back.  I have used LACQUER to add shine to the top of my skis.