ELAN Project Ski

Objective: Find a Ski and Binding under 200$ with the following features:

Reason: Since I am skiing on a Beginner Intermediate Ski, I will not be able to progress in my racing handicap.

  • Advanced to Expert Ski   
    •   (Have to work the ski more, more in the shin than a beginner/int ski)
  • Titanium on Core   High Speed Stability, and pop
  • Wood Core  Stability, Pop
  • Holds on ICE
  • no more than 3 years old
  • Under $200
  • Prefer length >175 but will take 168.
  • Turn Radius 14-17 meters

No matter where you look at that price point it will be work to find it. Ebay, online, Swaps etc.

MSRP for a NEW ADV/EXP Ski with Ti Binding  range is Over $1,000

Retail Range – 700 to 800

1 Yr Close out – 500 – 600

Used – 399.


I was out posting flyers for the upcoming Zardoz Day at my retail partners.

I see a ski that fits the features above.

   It is an ELAN SpeedWave 12, Advanced expert around 2007/8, for $229.00

   Upon looking, base ok just a few spots to fix, edges ok, just need my love

    Binding din to 12 which is plenty I go no higher than 9 Din Usual is 8.

    So why are they still there?  Chipped top sheet on edges here and there,

       for me a great fixer upper.

The Guys at Baltimore Ski Warehouse set me up nice. I did not pay the 229$.

So what is the plan to get these babies below back on snow?

1- Sand, clean, and epoxy fill the chipped areas.


2  sand clean and apply Krylon fusion paint to match color

 3  Clean top coat with Car Scratch remover, clean with acetone  (phase 2)

4  top coat 2 layers of clear enamel gloss (phase 2)

5  Hand stone edges

6  Fix few ptex on base

7  Hand cut the edge bevel

8  hand polish edges diamond stone

9  Wax 3 coat with Zardoz Notwax in between

10  TEST DRIVE!!!!

11 Full binding check complete and passed

Phase 1 took 3 hours.

Phase 2 will be 3 hours to mostly touchup, painting and final 2 coats of clear enamel.

The idea is to understand the technology. Then match to your abilities.

The Elan Speedwave 12 has a ton of technology.

1-Elan invented Shaped Ski   how we forget

2-RST – Race sidewall  (more edge hold)

3-Wave Flex  (tensional stability)

4-wood core

5 Titanium   (Stable at speed)

6 Integrated Fusion binding 4-12  (Better Flex)

7 Higher base of boot to bottom of ski

8 – Binding set 1 inch forward compared to the Mt Dew.

Compared to the Volkl Mt Dew. Brg/Int

1- Same Shape as the Elan  14 meter radius

2- Regular 70 degree side

3- does have edge support

4- foam composite

5 – none

6 – Look Binding Regular

7- 3/4 inch less, so less angle in a turn, less speed generation.

It is best to go to the Elan web to find out more

Click on technology

RST, WF, Ti, CORE, Fusion


The Goodies / Video section has clips on production of skis, Waveflex, Fusion etc.

Note: Skis have been on the slope for 3 visits, no issues to report. Wow the Krylon Fusion paint holds up, even though I did not cure 7 days. 2 Days of Skiing in General. 1 Day of racing , 10 runs avg 29 secs. About as rough as you can be on a ski. Happy happy joy joy

I came in 4th overall that day.

A course that was turn heavy, new snow, and some ice.

Phase II :

Bit more time available:

Sanded to a fine finish with 150 , 220 , 400, 800, 2000 grit

Painted two coats of Krylon Spring Green, Hot room ie. a small room with ceramic heater to set faster.

The 4 light coats of spray gloss clear enamel

A few more hours in the hot room.