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Red below 32 at Liberty Mountain Resort



Rating Summary Below – SAMPLE see the Blog for the Current Rating

 SKIDOME RATING: SQ-4 A+,T-4 A+, B-4A+++

         TOTAL Rating : 12 A+++ 

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Based on

Mid-Atlantic Area Including:

Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia.

The rating has three main criteria

Rate your own.

SNOW QUALITY(SQ) Subjective,


Objective – Comes from the resort

Rate each three, the higher the number the better


SNOW QUALITY– Takes into account the snow crystal size from small to large corn snow. Grooming is also added to this criteria.  Subjective / objective. See NSAA rating below.

A(4) – Perfect small crystal size, all runs groomed, really nice. PP PS

B(3) – Good crystal, good grooming PS

C(2) – Corn Snow big clumped crystals, grooming but many irregular moguls, or chunks left from grooming too fast. Early base snow. Too much ice. loose granular. Frozen granular

D(1)- Crud, heavy crystals, grooming none or very little. Early base or solid ice.

PERCENT TRAILS OPEN-Divide the total number of trials by total number open.

A(4) – 90% or greater open

B(3) – 70 to 90 % open

C(2) – 50 to 70 % open

D(1) – less than 50%


BASE DEPTH-How many inches of base.

A(4) – 24 inches or greater

B(3) – >15 < 24 inches

C(2) – 8 to 15 inches

D(1) – less than 8 inches. .rock and stick skiing or EGO SNOW

 Even a ‘C’ Rating can be fun. It is usually a ‘C’ rating in the early and late season. less trails open and less base. Still fun.


NSAA – Rating

Average Base – “Average Base” is the depth of compacted snow covering of the slope area. As a general rule any  base report of  8” or more is adequate for good coverage. (C rating)

Surface Conditions  Surface conditions are usually reported as they are at the time the report is updated. However, surface conditions may change throughout the day due to use (traffic) and changing weather. Most areas groom their slopes every night. Day grooming has been curtailed due to safety.

Machine Groomed  MG– refers to the loosely packed corduroy that the power tiller provides after grooming.

Powder  P– Fluffy dry snow that has not been compacted. It is most unusual to get one or two days of powder from Mother Nature in a season. When weather is very cold, snow guns also can produce powder conditions.

Packed Powder PP- Natural or man-made snow, packed by skier or grooming traffic. Snow is no longer fluffy, but it is not so compacted that it is hard.

Loose Granular LG- Powder or packed powder that has thawed then refrozen and then machine groomed.

Frozen Granular FG– Hard surface of old snow formed by granular freezing together after rain and warm weather.

Wet Granular – WG Loose granular snow that has been subjected to warm temperatures and/or rain.

Hard Pack – HP Firmly packed snow that has never melted and re-crystallized. It is compressed through grooming and wind exposure. Can still plant a pole.

Wet Snow – WS Powder that has become moist due to thaw or rain, or snow that was moist as it fell.

Wet Packed Snow – WPS Snow that has been previously packed and became wet usually because of rain.

Icy – Hard glazed surface created either by freezing rain or by rapid freezing of snow saturated with water from rain or melting.

Spring Conditions – SG Wet granular conditions during day changing at sundown to frozen granular conditions.

NOTE – After an extended cold spell with snowmaking adding to the base, skiing can be very good even if the temperatures climb into the 40’s and 50’s during the day. The key during these times is an adequate base. Also, a report that contains the wording “icy spot” should not be regarded as a clear indication that skiing is likely to be poor. Some of the best days may be accompanied by icy spots .



December 10, 2010

Liberty Mtn Opening Day

SQ(3) B  3 days below 20 degrees at night

T (2.5) C+ 50% trails open

B (3) B 15 inches

total 8.5 out of 12 pts B-


December 07, 2008 Liberty Mtn. Opening Day

Criteria, Numerical value, Letter Grade, Notes

SQ(3) B PP,MG (Packed Powder, Machine Groomed)

T(2.5) C+ 50% of trails open

B(3) B 15+ inches

total 8.5 out of 12 pts.


March 06, 2008 Liberty Mtn.

Snow Quality C+ 2.5   loose granular

Trails Open A+  4        95% + open

Base A+ 4                    25 + inches

Total = 10.5  A


March 6, 2008 Roundtop

Snow Quality C+ 2.5   loose granular

Trails Open A+  4        100% + open

Base A+ 4                    20-40 + inches

Total = 10.5  A