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E. Analyze a group on a target. This is important for marksmanship training. The firer may not notice errors during firing, but errors become apparent when analyzing a group. This can only be done if the sniper data book has been used correctly. A checklist that will aid in shot group/performance analysis follows:

(1) Group tends to be low and right.

Left hand not positioned properly. Right elbow slipping. Improper trigger control.

(2) Group scattered about the target.

Incorrect eye relief or sight picture. Concentration on the target (iron sights). Stock weld changed. Unstable firing position.

(3) Good group but with several erratic shots.

Flinching. Shots may be anywhere. Bucking. Shots from 7 to 10 o'clock. Jerking. Shots may be anywhere.

(4) Group strung up and down through the target.

Breathing while firing. Improper vertical alignment of cross hairs. Stock weld changed.

(5) Compact group out of the target.

Incorrect zero. Failure to compensate for wind. Bad natural point of aim. Scope shadow.

(6) Group center of the target out the bottom.

Scope shadow. Position of the rifle changed in the shoulder.

(7) Horizontal group across the target.

Scope shadow. Canted weapon. Bad natural point of aim.

Source: U.S. Army Field Manual No. 23-10



SAFETY FIRST - when you are dead you don't get a second chance

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