The word pain in the neck can be heard daily in the world. Posture over a lifetime is a key to good skeletal health. Revision: almost complete – Waiting on next step and some extra blood labs

I am not a doctor, Speak with your Doctor and Specialist.

85% of neck pain will go away on its own but what if it does not? At any time there is a tingle or numbness to any finger or hand it needs to be addressed. If after 10 days of home OTC treatment, seek medical attention.

A normal best practice plan is Medication for inflammation and pain (NSAIDs), possible X Ray, Chiropractic, and Physical Therapy. When this does not provide relief over 3 months the next stop is Diagnostics.

Alieve – Naprosyn for NSAID 12 hr dosing

Acetaminophen – Never take more then 3,000 MG a day and do not drink alcohol. LIVER DAMAGE!. You may combine and NSAID with Acetaminophen.

My Cocktail: 1 x 24 hr. Meloxicam 7.5 MG, Every 8 to 12 hours – 1 Acetaminophen (300 mg) + Codeine #3 (30 MG) and 650 MG extended-release Acetaminophen. Codeine seems to allow me to stay motivated whereas hydro or oxy do not.

Next goal is a non-invasive shot by the pain management cervical doctor so i can get off any narcotic.

My Xray 11/20/2020
2008 xrays

Sports – Football Lacrosse youth. 2 concussions.

Ski – 2 known concussions last was 2011 11/100 on SCAT 2 scale.

Rear end collision – 5 ton truck 1994 ?

2008 treated for Numb both hands index and thumb. Dual Axial traction 3 months. C6. My alignment was out 55 mm. Link to history.

Dual Axial Traction worked in 2008

Numb right ear and behind right ear to neck and lower jaw. 85% of day pain is 2 or 3 /10

Second Pain type Searing hot, pressure and poker type pain 8 to 10 out of 10. Brought on by turning head and looking down / up.

Fingers not numb, legs have felt heavy and numb when walking, Sciatica and some low back pain.

ISSUE #1 – Spinal canal is smaller then average and for white male 14 mm is avg. At C6 usually the tightest area. in my case a 5mm small area.

ISSUE #2 C7 has nerve root impingement on both sides

ASSESSMENTS NDI (Neck Disability Index

MRI the Gold Standard. Learning to read an MRI is not easy, understanding a report requires looking up definitions and a basic understanding of anatomy.

example MRI an what is stenosis


Non-INVASIVE Interventional techniques such as nerve blocks (spinal injections)

Humpty Dumpty All the king’s horses and all the king’s men Couldn’t put Humpty together again. Today medical science can help. You Need to Assemble a team and Drive the process. That is the hard part.

PCP, Dr Syma Rizvi Maks PT, Chiropractic Dr loomis

Neurologist minimally invasive treatments.

Surgeon Consult soon

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