The science behind traction – Someone I know drove at this facility for 6 years. The Brimley Development Center is today’s proving grounds for tomorrow’s vehicles

IF never driven in the snow –
Check the auto manual on how to turn on/off traction control

With automatic trans learn what gear 3 2 and 1 In descending order of the highest gear available:

Position 3 restricts the transmission to the lowest three gear ratios. In a 4-speed automatic transmission

Position 2 (also labeled “S”) restricts the transmission to the lowest two gear ratios. In some cars, it is also used to accelerate from standstill in 2nd gear instead of 1st, for situations of reduced traction (such as snow or gravel). This function is sometimes called “winter mode”.

Going up a hill from moving or dead stop is

Practice in a parking lot that has snow cover and
practice turns & breaking

Window wash fluid winter formula – Salt and
chemicals will lower visibility

Door Gaskets- Get Frozen stuck, apply armor all
or silicone spray/rag on the door gaskets in late

Highway – when changing lanes expect a lack of
traction over any slush or precipitation

Take a blanket, flashlight, lighter, water, food bar, a small shovel, ice scraper, and brush.

All-Season tires are a compromise – SNOW Tires are a different compound and tread pattern.

In a traffic snowfall event expect to double the normal time for the destination. If many businesses close at the same time- OPM govt early close/ school early close or Bases expect too much traffic at
choke points. Off ramps to home the last 1-5 miles.

Snowfall rate per hour if over 1 inch per hour the plows and salting cannot keep up. Expect accumulation.

ROADS- Priority | Main Highways, State Primary, State Secondary, and County. The goal is a plowed road
within ½ to 1 mile to your home.

Formula – Snow up hill

Use the legend to select RWIS, Roadway weather, pavement temps, Cams, Interstate info MD Chart Online Map
MD now tracks State plows by GPS MDOT SHA S.T.O.R.M. (

Virginia VA511
West Virginia WV511
Pennsylvania PA 511 – Select via legend – plow trucks, road conditions
New Jersey

I 95 – This link has a map by the state to find the Roadway information.

Maryland County Road Info look up your county.
My County – Plan

By type of storm more inches = longer timelines. Typical 6- inch storm or less 4 hours to salt 18-24 hrs for plowing. County has 10% of roads as a priority.
Baltimore County:

Harford County

Howard County
Montgomery County Video 5 Stages to snow removal