VAil corporation please understand how NASTAR @ Roundtop is an add-on EXPERIENCE for many of your customers.

Not everyone can afford the time and effort to travel long distances to EXPERIENCE Snow Racing. NASTAR offers this venue for young and old alike.

Not every family or individuals can afford USSA – Junior or Masters.

Roundtop has consistently fielded many racers in the GOLD and PLATINUM Division and places in the top 10 resorts @ NASTAR NATIONALS.

Our own team has been racing at Roundtop for 20+ years. We place in the Top 50 in the last 5 years.

Troegs Brewery and many retail shops have supported the racing at Roundtop.

We also promote via Swaps, Social Media for free to show our support behind Vail and Roundtop.

I have personally seen how a young kids grow with us as we all learn to be better racers.