Race timing software for NASTAR is from Split Second Timing.

Live-timing is a feed system that receives data from Split Second software to provide close to real-time information on the WWW. https://www.live-timing.com/ . We love this app as we can check on the mountain.

https://www.splitsecond.com/ This link will take you to a page where you can download the Software, both FIS/National version and the Ski Club version. To use the software in an official manner requires payment for a USB Key fob.

You can download it to use as training to get used to the timing features.

Part of the Screen Display. In Blue Box is the download link. Top of this screen are further details and a link for documentation.

NO racer or club wants to lose participants’ race times.

End of race day a racer should take a screenshot of the Live timing screen for that resort.

The Timing crew should email the race XML file to their own email address as an extra copy. A thumb drive can be used to store the XML data file for the day. See the Split Second101 training in the Documentation section.


SEASON 2021 SPLIT SECOND 101 – Training
Data Management of an Alpine Event PDF Format Includes XML File information, backup, edit of times, installation of software