An older auto may have curb rash, with cuts and scrapes in the alloy and most will show discoloration. If it is not chrome or polished it will have a coating and a clear coat. This will take 8 hours or less depending on the number of wheels.

12 years old 175k miles curb rash
Refurbish after

Cost for a pro company $130.00 and up for refurb and or refurb replacement. Pros use more 2 part epoxy to quicken dry time.

  • Primer – Etch or Adhesive promote Coat 1
  • Base Coat – Metallic Silver 3 coats 20 mins apart
  • Clear Coat – High Gloss Clear Coat 2 to 3 coats 20 mins apart
  • 3 M Metal Bondo filler
  • Brake cleaner, vinegar, and detergent
  • An old deck of cards, newspaper, tape

A palm sander, Dremel tool, and grinder attachments, Drill, sandpaper grits 80 – 220. Dremel attachments – grind/sand

After wire brush


  • Remove wheel
  • Clean with detergent/water then vinegar
  • Use drill/wire brush to clean up
  • Use Dremel grind to clean up any metal needed that is pitted or raised. Enough to highlight the low spots
  • Use Dremel to sand the areas grinded
  • Vinegar and detergent clean process
  • Apply Bondo metal to areas that are low spots, needs 3 hours to dry no more than a 1/16 layer at a time.
  • Sand with Dremel, palm sander and inspect
  • Clean with Vinegar, then detergent and water, then brake cleaner- let dry
  • Tape up – Use a deck of cards around the bead. Use paper to cover the tire, also fill in the inside of the wheel with paper. Put a paper towel in each stud hole.
  • Apply primer coat wait 20 mins
  • Apply 3 coats of Base color 20 min apart
  • Apply 2 to 3 coats of Clear let dry 4 hours, put the wheel back on the car.
Low spots will need Bondo plastic metal
Bondo plastic metal applied – wait 3 hours
Primer Univeral adhesive promoter
$10 in material and labor showing clear coat