Based on observation, helping with and yearly ski swaps. A good rule of thumb it will take a few days to plan and organize. Get ready a week ahead to stage Photos. A week to get the word out social media. The goal: Help others get a deal, Keep things out of landfills that are usable. Reduce dump and moving fees. Don’t think big profit think of beer money and meeting people.

Downsizing or just moving- Downsizing will have bigger $$ items like riding mowers, mowers and larger furniture. This example made $1,900 and 2 items brought in 1200. 700 came in via under 50$ items.

WHAT DOES NOT SELL and WHY– Time, change and demographics. Has nothing to do with function. Demographics – We are at the top of many retiring, or passing and leaving many things for sale. Many no longer can or do yard work they pay landscape companies because kids are not out doing that work in the neighborhood. A cell phone has replaced corded/rf phones, radio, boom box, cd player, tuner, etc. tube tv. Microwaves built in no need for tables or hutches. Holiday items (other than wrapping paper and bags) everybody has. Knick knacks, drinking glasses and china (if does not go in the dishwasher no one wants)

ORGANIZE- YARD TOOLS, Gas Powered, Battery Powered, Corded, Tools, Auto Tools, Furniture, Building Materials, Clothing,

SIGNAGE- On Roads 40 MPH and higher 6 inches by 6-inch letters (800 size in word) Print on card stock in outline and cut and tape into a template to spray paint on Poster Board. Pick a major State route intersection and check the state for traffic counts. In this example 13,000 car a day.

PROMOTION FB – Event, marketplace, and your own posts along with a few free site listing and craigslist. FB an ad was run for 20$ 4 days reached 4000. 20-mile radius. Photos are a must hence staging and moving has to happen a week ahead of time.

FREE STUFF – Give away things and have a 25 to 50 cent table.

DUMP or CHARITY: Charity Salvation Army in this example 6 pickup loads to charity and 6 loads to dump/recycle. Total of 36 yards of material.