No A/C or a little cold. Diagnosis, after the 40 amp fuse blew, was a fan motor shorting or the resistor pack is bad. A cooling fan assembly is $120. Salvage yard 60-80. A/C troubleshoot – turn on A/C high and make sure cooling fan starts or goes on. If on then put a gauge on Low port and see the pressure. If too high or too low the compressor will not start. If the fan does not start then check the cooling fan fuse 40 amp or both Hi and low-speed Relay. The fan was not working at all, fuse replaced cooling returned but the fan motor smoked and blew fuse again. Replacing fan assembly with the resistor pack included. 10 mm socket, Phillips #2 and #3 Channel locks, slot screwdriver.

The process will require the removal of bumper cover and the radiator movement to replace the fan assembly.

Bumper/Grill cover

Remove the bumper/grill and undo the radiator to replace the fan assembly
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WIRE DIAGRAM Yellow is for cooling fan

This link is my set of notes for the bumper cover removal needed and radiator removal needed.


Relay Box (Engine Compartment) Inspection
Relay Box (Passenger Compartment) Fuse Inspection