KIA SPECTRA EX 2006 – Axles

Original CV axles at 13 years and 239k miles. All joints throwing grease, shimmy vibration on the steering wheel at highway speed, a clunk when putting the car in drive. worn out. Normal repair item Ordered Cardone Select New from RockAuto. Two warehouses split the order to save on shipping (net trick, this time saved 60$ on shipping) net cost for 2 axles w shipping $124. Shop estimate was 400$ parts and labor.

The issue was 25 or 27 spline on the inboard. Even after going to KIA dealer with the VIN, I ordered the 25 as told and it was a 27. Count on 2 days shipping min. Rockauto did refund the 25 spline unit.

I would recommend an Electric 1/2 inch torque gun, but a long pipe for lever will do. The axle sockets can be rented free. 1 hour each side.

Passenger right side