WATER- Without water, nothing lives, damp areas = pests.

PESTICIDES come in types. Barrier and non detect. Most Home stores sell the barrier like the name sounds the pest can detect and stays away. Non-detect like the name sounds the pest will eat or take on the body back to the net to kill more.

PESTICIDES are no joke, read the label x2. Mask up, glove up, eye cover and maybe even Tyvek suit.

ANTS AND TERMITES use Fipronil also known as Turmador, Taurus SC and other generics.

ANTS- INDOORS you cannot spray fipronil indoors, but Combat Roach Control Gel has low dose fipronil and can be mixed with 50% jelly to attract ants and kill in 24 hours. OUTDOORS use TAURUS SC in Spray 2 feet out from home and 2 feet up the wall. Any active ant areas.

TERMITES– Indoors Combat Roach gel Outdoors – WIll take labor a trench has to be dug, dirt mixed with TAURUS SC (5 gals per 5 feet) Dirt replaced in the trench.

MICE-Check the droppings and that will tell you where they are and a 20-foot perimeter. Saturate standard spring traps with birdseed, peanut butter, or bacon in the 20-foot perimeter and move them daily. Avg mouse is 75 droppings a day to have an idea of how many. They can get through a hole as small as a dime. Stuff holes with caulk combination steel wool.