When I work with my students, I notice the same issues at every home. Think of weather and what it will do to any structure. Wind, Rain, Heat, and Cold will wreak havoc with your investment. I see water damage at every home in some shape or form. Most of these issues are easy to repair. Examples: Grading issues, Gutter issues, Foundation issues, landscaping too close, front steps breaking up, roof issues, chimney issues, failed grout or caulk leading to damage.

Another Student falls victim to water and termite damage. Although not her fault, the root cause, lack of flashing, was found and a fix is in the works.

When is the last time you took a walk around your home looking for issues? Would you know what to look for?

HUD book free, and what a home inspector looks for:

Most repairs can last 5 + years, some 20+ years. If your home is older, figure on a remodel every 20-30 years at a minimum. Most will be done because the life of the current appliances or failure of watertight areas, or a change of color (what were those designers thinking with the avocado, pink, blue and yellow tile). Most baths and showers, if tiled will have water damage after 20+ years of use. Assume a gut at a minimum of the shower/tub area.