Mr. E – Photo Gallery: Basement Rehab Mold room. Summer 2009 Contractor time 150 hours, Homeowner 150 hours Total elapsed time was 1 month. Result- no musty smell in house, beautiful room.  Total cost material and contractor was less than 50$ a square foot. Lots of labor on the foundation and grading work. Materials were less than the bath. Since this room faces the street the homeowner wanted to make it more soundproof. We were able to correct electric code violations and framing violations. 

The block was not insulated, Older Code Fiberglass

Asbestos floor tile.

SEAL, FOAM and caulk.

inspector missed the lack of nut on the connection from foundation to sill plate causing sill to warp and let in air, bugs, rain. We Foamed the sill plate and then added large washers and nuts to hold down the sill.

We tyvek tape all windows and foam added 1 inch R5 rigid foam to block wall

FINAL Floor installed Vinyl floating, plan style since room is used for workouts.

Issues with the grading outside and foundation issues caused the water damage and termites. Fixed by outside grading.

We foam the sill, and bottom at studs and caulk the sheathing to the stud. All nail holes, hammer holes sealed. Block is sealed

Showing Window foam and new higher R value fiberglass wall insulation

eatNew replacement windows were installed.

Now the room is waterproof, Soundproof from the street sounds, and smells great.