Part of 100 K Service or 5 Years. 1 Gallon 100% Coolant and 4 gallons of distilled water.

Coolant capacity :

MT : 5.0L (1.32, 5.28 U,S,qt., 4.40lmp.qt)

AT : 5.2L (1.37, 5.49 U,S,qt., 4.57lmp.qt)

  1. Make sure the engine and radiator are cool to the touch.
  2. Remove radiator cap (A).
  1. Loosen the drain plug (A), and drain the coolant.
  1. Tighten the radiator drain plug securely.
  2. After draining engine coolant in the reservoir tank, clean the tank.
  3. Fill the radiator with water through the radiator cap and tighten the cap.

To most effectively bleed the air, pour the water slowly and press on the upper/lower radiator hoses. Start the engine and allow to come to normal operating temperature. Wait for the cooling fans to turn on several times. Accelerate the engine to aid in purging trapped air. Shut engine off.

Wait until the engine is cool.

Repeat steps 1 to 6 until the drained water runs clear. USE DISTILLED WATER !!!

10 -WHEN WATER COMES Clear – Now add the coolant (Use 100%) and test till correct freeze temp range 50%
Add distilled as needed. To get the mix correct.
Start the engine and run until coolant circulates.
When the cooling fan operates and coolant circulates, refill coolant through the radiator cap.

Repeat 11 until the cooling fan 3 ~ 5 times and bleed air sufficiently out of the cooling system.

11- Install the radiator cap and fill the reservoir tank to the “MAX” (or “F”) line with coolant.

Run the vehicle under idle until the cooling fan operates 2 ~ 3 times.

Stop the engine and wait coolant gets cool.

Repeat until the coolant level doesn’t fall anymore, bleed air out of the cooling system.

It takes time to bleed out all the air in the cooling system. Refill coolant when the coolant gets cool completely then recheck the coolant level in the reservoir tank for 2~3 days after replacing coolant.

Coolant capacity :
MT : 5.0L (1.32, 5.28 U,S,qt., 4.40lmp.qt)
AT : 5.2L (1.37, 5.49 U,S,qt., 4.57lmp.qt)