Ah, Luxury comes with a price and that price is more care and more labor. Leather needs care. Every month a simple wipe down with water and Woolite and then wipe in conditioner/protectant. Many do not spend the time to do this on a regular basis. Recolor by a pro is done with the seat removed, spray system which this method does not require.

CLEANING– Vac, Woolite, and water and a horsehair brush, towel dry, finish up with leather conditioner. Spots try vinegar or isopropyl alcohol.

RECOLOR – Cost and age of auto will dictate the amount spent. A typical shop to redo leather is very expensive. Recolor can be achieved with leather dye/paint in 3 very thin layers. Leather Studio states they do not warrant the use on car seats.

STEPS to recolor. Recolor is just that recolor. it will not fix cuts or bad creases or wear. It will give uniform color and protect from sunlight. No guarantees.

Clean as above then clean with isopropyl alcohol 91%. Use 800 grit to the rough up surface and smooth imperfections. If there are cuts or bad creases a filler can be used to fill and smooth.

Apply leather dye/paint in even layers that are thin. Thin will help deter cracking. Apply with an open cell sponge blotting in color not rubbing sliding but blotting. STENCIL Blotting!

A small artist brush can be used for detail areas and in the sewing lines. Deep crevice. Let each coat dry 30 mins. Apply 3 coats in no color change. 5 coats may be needed for color change.

1st Coat – Sponge bottom right
Second coat

Cure time is 72 hours. After cure clean with a microfiber, sand with 800 grit to remove any paint burrs/imperfections.

Condition and protect – Apply conditioner/protectant to microfiber and apply it to the seat.

The passenger seat no issues in one year.

Drivers side

After 3 coats and 12 hours, CURE TIME is 48 Hours. Do not use until cured and a conditioner added