Z17 Powerstop Rotor/Pads HW Clean the rust and paint


Video is from 2011.  2019 Added new info on anti rust coatings.  Coating will stop rust.

Two remanufactured calipers were needed the slip pin on backet bottom was rusted and needed replacement. 80$ Net each caliper.

A tool to turn the caliper piston to make it go back in the caliper.

A new rotor, hardware, ceramic brakes they last 3 years 60k miles  Front last 2 years 40k miles – Powerestop.

A set with coating for rust areas is under 70$.

The new Geomet Coating does require a 15 minute break in and that is coverd by this video-   Drive 30 mph, brake easy to 5 mph, return to 30 mph for 30 seconds, repeat for 30  times. Do not come to complete stop.

How to: Break-in Your New Evolution Coated Rotors

This video of mine will cover the work. Bleed the brakes all around every 60k.

After Breakin process