Maintenance needs because of weather and chemicals. Water gets in cracks, freeze and expand causing damage. Seal the cracks.

DIRT Not fun rutty and needs constant till and regrade to get rid of ruts.

Stone Lose packed will develop ruts and need till and rake and pack.

Stone and tar less ruts still will need pothole and sealing maintenance

Concrete can fail due to chloride load (salt) Time 30 to 50 years. Sealing and power washing, the expansion gaps fill with the fiber board or the rubber and foam filler .

ASPHALT – Cracks need power washing to clean out dirt. Cut back and fill with real aggregate and binder. Let dry 3 days. Liquid filler for cracks under 1/2 inch. Sealer squeegee and back brush 2 days to cure NOT under 45 at night or rain in 24 hours. Avg every 7 years. Do it yourself for $ 110.00 in material day or less in labor.

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After power wash a small crack becomes big 12 foot x 1 inch. Cut back with grinder and fill with binder and aggregate (stone) use 6 lb mall and wood to compress.
This is 300 Sq Ft to replace a min of $3,500 – $5,000. The repairs will pack down a bit reason they are over filled.