100,000 Mile Service for the 3rd Generation KIA RIO is low cost and can be done by most at home.

PLUGS, FLUIDS drain fill, Serpentine Belt, GDI Valve Service, Air/cabin filter. KIA has made the maintenance as simple as possible and the material cost is under 150$. Time 4 hours.

Compare that with the KIA 2.0 Spectra 2006. 300$ in Parts and Labor 10 hours. KIA RIO half the part $ and half the time.

FLUIDS- Absorb dirt, air, water. Drain and fill.

Bleed Brake fluid with new fluid in Master Cylinder.

Power Steering fluid – Remove refill, run car 3 mins and turn left to right x3 repeat.

OIL Change/Filter

ANTIFREEZE – DRAIN, Fill with distilled water and run till warm, drain fill with 50/50 mix and run till warm drain and fill will 50/50 until protected cold/hot per gauge. Antifreeze is good 5 years or 100K

PLUGS- NGK OEM LASER IRIDIUM 40$ The OEM spark plugs in this 2014 Kia Rio are NGK Iridium part number SILZKR6B10E or SILZKR6B-10E.

BELT 15$ May need a tensioner 15$

GDI Service – Remove deposits of carbon Valves Intake cylinder. USE CRC GDI Service and follow instructions.

AS for TRANSMISSION, it is considered a no fill dealer only. I do know how to check the drain and fill – will have a separate article.

FILTER as in air and cabin should be replaced/checked every 12k or yearly.

GOOD TO LOOK AT all Suspension joints test ball joint tie rod and links for play, grease leaks or broken rubber. These should be checked each Brake/Tire Installs. Especially if tires show abnormal wear.