MOST people paint once every 10 or more years, inside and out. Not much practice in between. If you are going to paint under 50 gallons a year this gun will work, time and practice will make on faster. This model will spray unthinned latex. It will take a few times to get the real technique down. Don’t believe all the time savings and clean up and taping time. I do add 4 capfuls of Flotrol per quart. (one flotrol bottle to 5 Gallons)

HELP IS BY PHONE service line at 1-800-328-8251. They can help you troubleshoot any problems you are having. Keep both nozzles ready. The area of nozzle will heat and clog, usually will start spraying big botches of paint. Stop Clean nozzle but undue the paint cup first it is pressurized and remove nozzles in a bucket. Toothpicks and brushes work. If blotchy large bubble paint, use a paint roller and roll out.

Once you learn fast is possible. Have paint strained in 1 gallon buckets. Coat one going on. Have 20 gallons applied- Duty cycle per year is 50 gallons a year not to exceed. Time saved including straining paint. 50% to 60%

FINISH – Paint used was Behr Eggshell Primer & paint in one latex, with Flotrol added at 4 caps to 1.5 quarts of paint.

Small room with no floor cover, easy to tape.
Closet mirror to cover, 2 windows and flooring to tape= more tape more drop cloths.

1/2 Bath lots to tape and tight workspace

IF a ROOM is small with more then windows to cover it will depend on spray vs roll. Small baths with stuff roll & brush.

Holding a 5 lb object to spray a ceiling is harder than a pole and a roller.

Closets are fast with spray vs roll. Ceilings – have to hold at 45-degree angle and suggest step stool/ladder to spray, will reduce muscle fatigue on large ceilings. If you go past 45 degrees up you risk damage to the turbine motor. My motor turbine stopped and had to sit overnight and run electric motor cleaner and brushes. Next day worked like new.

Cheap Apt flat on a wall not painted in 25 years took 2 coats. If using 30$+ paint with primer it will cover in one coat.

OUTDOORS much easier less taping and big drop cloths. The solid stain went on nicely.

MAKE THINGS EASY TO SEE WHEN GLASSES FOG AND GET PAINTED. Along with windows masked lighting indoors is worse.

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DECKS- SPINDLES: No doubt spraying where less taping is involved will save time. Much easier than brush and roller. Fences, Sheds too.

SAVE TIME using 2 – 5 quart pales to prep the paint using a strainer. Use 1-gallon net strainer.

CLEAN up is easy of the spray gun, but clean up of overspray is not.

TIME TO ROLL A ROOM of 10×10 feet with ceiling is 90 minutes. Spray the same time but add more taping vs roll/brush. The Spray gun will push air hard tape down drop cloths.

OTHER COSTS ARE PAINT, TAPE, PLASTIC, BROWN PAPER. DIY you save on labor at about 300$ per 10 x 10 room.