Iron Railings | Concrete Repair

Iron Railings Still functional but they do need a bit of care.

Iron Railings will rust and decay without maintenance. The railings here were bad shape to the point of a full restore.


Power washing revealed many issues The handrail part was pitted, sharp and rusted. The rail in some sections separated. 3lb mall and a dolly helped to reshape, then JB Weld and a clamp.

mpshm13  mpshm12

Coated the area where the railing meets the cement with rust neutralizer.


Better than a full replacement and will last a long time. Only other option would be to  replace the rail and the steps.

Grinder did wonders. Broken cement needs to be replaced and matched.

Put a scratch coat of type S mortar and checker pattern for final coat to bite.

Two coats of red metal primer and a coat of semi gloss black. The cement repair was matched by painting a slurry in the front.