Software Tools

Software Tools for Action Shooting

20 years ago most tools did not exist, nor the computing power, portability by size and communication.

History timeline | Scoring and Stage Design


1st GEN Scoring- PAPER recording, 1990 -Data entry into EZ win score. error prone, time consuming. 

Hand Drawn diagrams Flat Diagrams. Templates WORD, PowerPoint, Draw1985stage

COF Source Books Not Classifiers  1985-2002

1999Stage Builder Html/JAVA Web-based


2nd GEN Scoring- PALM – With communication to master. Fewer errors, faster  updates. less time consuming.

EzWinScore PALM

VISIO SpeedSlide  | WORD  | PowerPoint

2013-2016 present

3rd GEN Scoring | Android/iPhone |  NOOK| Practiscore   Wi-Fi  

2D VISIO SpeedSlide  | WORD  | PowerPoint

StageBuilder II

3D Sketchup