SKS Mag Holder

Boltaron(c) SKS Tapco(c) Duckbill Magazine holder

SKS Magazine Holder not a pouch. Stay in, come out smooth and fast. Dual or single setup.

I needed a faster way to get SKS mags into my gun in 3Gun matches and for Multi Gun IPSC/USPSA.


I looked around, all I found were the cloth bags, functional but not fast. Started research and I found a video set that explained the basics of Kydex (c) , Boltaron (c) etc, heating in the oven and using a book press mold holsters and mag holders.

I would rather buy, but felt like the investment  was the same cost for something commercial. I have made one for the Prototype, for lessons learned I need a higher density foam. Over all not bad. Functions and is quick. Comes out as fast as my handgun mags and retains the mag while upside down.

I will make a few more as I refine the process.

Ordered the Tek Locks so the SKS Mag Holder can be on and off belt without hassle. Ordered new denser foam to make a better book press. has great customer service, ships quickly.

  I may entertain making these for others. let me know your thoughts edfowler at

 Video How To:

DIY Kydex Holster How-To Part 1   Part2

Kits using Boltaron (c), Kydex(c) etc.



  Blade Tech Tec Lok allows on and off belt as needed depending on ammunition load out.

 Can’t have enough magazines. a Dual version.


  I have used these in a few matches and they work.