BASICS of Handgun, Rifle, Shotgun

The Army/Marines have the best basic books on each type firearm used.

Please refer to your Manufacturers’ Manual for your specific firearm.


REVIEW SAFETY    Safety Class/Assessment (v1.2)

VIDEO Courses and handouts are from:  The USAR Marksmanship Program represents the forefront of small arms skill in the US Army Reserve  and are the only formally proven and acknowledged experts on the proper use and training of small arms across the Army Reserve.


9mm Handgun Basics     (9 mm, 40, 45, etc can be used for 3Gun)   4 Hours    USPSA/Handgun

 GRIP  Handgun-> YouTube – Todd Jarrett grip

 Preliminary Pistol Marksmanship Instruction (1 hr vid)

Basic instruction on entry-level marksmanship with the M9 service pistol taught by SSG John Arcularius. Handouts/slides



Semi Auto Rifle  Basics  – 4 hours

 Marines Fundementals of Rifle Marksmanship (16 Min vid)

Preliminary Rifle Marksmanship Instruction (1hr vid)

Basic instruction on entry-level marksmanship with the M16/M4-series service rifle taught by SFC Norman Anderson.VIDEO  – Handouts/slides

FM 3-22.9  RIFLE MARKSMANSHIP M16-/M4-SERIES WEAPONS August 2008 (Manual)

US ARMY MARKSMANSHIP UNIT Basic shooting postitions with the rifle  vid



Shotgun Basics     –  2 hours

Types are Pump or Semi-Auto. Pumps are easier to clean maintain. Semi-Auto is faster.

Three Types of Ammo are Used: Shot 7 or 8,  Buck OO, , and Rifled Slug  (as shown) for 3 Gun Shot is used the most followed by Slugs.


ARMY  MOSSBERG Pump 12-GAUGE SHOTGUN, MODEL 500 & 590 (Manual)

 Eyes, Muzzle Target  (3 min Video  – Port of Arms)




Find a local Match and attend one just to watch.

Find a local Match Site and pass the Safety Class / Assessments

Objectives of the Intro

Sight in your firearms. To Zero, Pattern your Shotgun Shot.

 You should be able to hit a 6-inch target

at 21 – 30 feet for Handgun

 Shotgun at 15 Yards – Shot  6 Inch Plate (Pattern your Shotgun)

Buck Shot 25 – 35 yards  1/3 IPSC or Full IPSC or 3Gun Target

Slug out to 100 yards Full IPSC

Rifle out to 100 yards 6 Inch Circle

Understand the Basics of 3 Gun

Understand the USE, Safety, Care of each of your Firearms

Always check the Chamber 2x.

At this point, Safety, and hitting the target for all 3 firearms should be accomplished.