SKS above Stag Mod 3 Below at least 5 lbs different

The Stag Model 3 off the shelf is a nice AR for 3 Gun.

I will not be the top 10 nor the bottom 10. Fun for me.

GOAL: an AR that can perform from 1 foot 2×2 inch square off hand to 600 feet (200 yds) 6 inch round steel, Off hand.

Load Out: 200 rounds fired or less.  7  qty 30 rd mags.

  • typical 50 rounds or less fired, then a 5 min minimum break. Cool Down.

That being said you can spend a lot or a little and I bet the things that matter will be dry fire and lessons learned from matches.

1- added A VooDoo Compensator. $60

2-JP performance spring package. $11

JP Reduced Power Spring Kit

This spring kit will yield a 4.0-4.5 lb. pull with standard AR-15 trigger parts.

3- Vortex Strike Eagle 1×6 Scope. w/ cantilever mount $339 zero at 50 yards.

4-A2 Canted  BUIS. $50

5- Sling and HK clips. $20


Now at $1,300.00

First Match using Stag Sept 2016.

Few more 3 gun matches and training and now have this AR well tuned.


Added the STAG 22 LR conversion bolt for training without recoil or sound. 50-yard training (Stress Target) at 100 rounds then 50 rounds 223. Cuts your cost to train by 60%.

–RESEARCH and Sources–

M16 A2 5.56 Intermediate Maintenance 252 pages    Schematics, Troubleshooting (section 3-3).

Vortex Scope Mounting and manuals